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Sanchi is a small village in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh, and is best known for its stupas and other Buddhist monuments. Sanchi gets its name from the Pali word ‘sanch’ which means ‘to measure’. Famous for The Great Sanchi Stupa built by Emperor Asoka in the 3rd century BC, the Great Stupa is considered the oldest stone structure of India, and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Every year thousands of travellers flock here to visit the much popular attraction which is famous as the country’s old stone structure. It is believed that when Buddhism was facing a decline in this region and Sanchi was vanishing from the world map, General Taylor, a British officer rediscovered Sanchi Stupa, giving it a whole new meaning.

Declared by UNESCO as the ‘World Heritage Site’ in 1989, the Sanchi Stupa is spectacular specimen of architectural excellence. Raised in the 3rd century BC by Emperor Ashoka, the four delicately carved gateways of the stupa make many jaws drop. It is placed on a hill at a height of about 300 feet. The sight of this 71 feet tall stupa can be seen from far and wide.

The newer version of the stupa was made after the older version was destroyed before the middle of the 2nd century BC. The newer version included some stunning additions including terrace with double flight of steps, and various other changes.
This grand historical representative still holds its majesty and never fails to impress pilgrims and architecture lovers.

How to Reach Sanchi
By Air: 'Raja Bhoj' Airport, located in Bhopal, is the nearest airport to reach the Sanchi Stupa.
By Rail: The nearest railhead from Sanchi is also located in Bhopal, which is one of the two main Delhi-Mumbai railway lines and is a significant halt of the West Central Railways.
By Road: Travelling to Sanchi by road is very easy. Sanchi is situated around 46 km from Bhopal by road. Thus, one can take private care ride or avail cab or bus service.


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