North India Destinations

India is a historic land with various attractions for all type of travelers. Northern India is a pure delight to mountain lovers and adventure enthusiasts, housing plenty of picturesque, popular, and off-the-wall hill stations, religious destinations, and natural wonders. All the attractions in Northern India are so spellbinding that it gets difficult to choose one from the list to visit. The timeless cities, magnificent temples, and ancient monuments reveal the unrehearsed intimacy. With a long list of natural and cultural diversity, a visit to North India is a must. Below are some of the popular destinations of Northern India.

Delhi - Beautifully reflecting the country’s rich past, Delhi is the city where the ancient meets the modern. Home to millions of dreams, Delhi brings people closer and inspires their thoughts. From historical landmarks to swarmed shopping centres, from Mughal patio nurseries to Delhi University grounds, Delhi has myriad of places to visit. This vibrant city offers tourists exactly what they are looking for. The beautiful mix of convention and social variety is what makes Delhi a must visit tourist attraction. The seat of many powerful empires in the past, its long history can be traced in its many carefully-preserved monuments, ancient forts and tombs.

Haryana - One of the northern most states of India, Haryana is adjacent to national capital Delhi. Surrounded by Uttar Pradesh in the east, Punjab in the west, Himachal Pradesh in the north and Rajasthan in the south, the history of Haryana goes back to the period of Mahabharata. Haryana is one of the most industrialized states of India. The name Haryana itself means “The Abode of God” from Hari (the Hindu God Vishnu) and ayana (home).

Himachal Pradesh - One of the most popular hill stations of India, Himachal Pradesh with its impressive snowy peaks and foaming river sliding through flourishing valleys is a perfect destination for all kinds of travellers. Blessed with immense beauty and charm, Himachal Pradesh with its serene lakes, lofty mountains and ancient temples serves as a perfect escape from the chaotic city life. From exciting trekking to heart-pumping rafting, the state offers great pleasure to adventure lovers as well, seeking some never explored experiences.

Jammu & Kashmir- Famed as the Paradise on Earth, the state of Jammu & Kashmir is renowned for its scenic splendour, snow capped mountains, plentiful wildlife, and hospitable locals. Not just the scenic beauty, but the adventure activities available here also takes you to a different world. Cuddled affectionately by the Great Himalayas, J&K is a treasure trove of serenity which attracts every human soul seeking nirvana. The state is a perfect gateway for honeymooners seeking some moments of peace away from the busy city life.

Leh Ladakh - Ladakh can be defined as a beautiful and mesmerising art of nature. A mountainous region and the coldest desert in the world, Ladakh boasts of magical landscapes. Every year streams of travellers visit Leh Ladakh to experience the most vivid facades of nature that one needs to see to believe. Beaming with magnificent attractions, including high passes, Budhhist monasteries, and tiny hamlets, Leh Ladakh is an experience that everyone must embark. Do not forget the delightful festivities of Tibetan Buddhists which add multihued colours to the canvas of Leh & Ladakh.

Punjab - Green fields soaking in the sunshine with vibrant cultures narrating the tales of the past, Punjab is situated in the north western edge of India. One of the small yet a prosperous state of India, Punjab is home to lively, hospitable and dynamic people. Often known as the ‘The land of five rivers’, Punjab is the cradle of civilization. It holds ethnic and religious diversity which is matchless. This is the reason why travellers are attracted towards this fertile state that creates a magic in the air.

Rajasthan - Attracting tourists from not just India but from around the world because of its rich cultural heritage, Rajasthan boasts of some magnificent monuments and sites. A royal destination that is on every traveler’s wish-list, Rajasthan with its breathtaking sand dunes is a visual treat. Rajasthan houses many royal ruins that take you back to the grandeur of its kingdoms. Blessed with elaborate forts and palaces, the state is among the most popular tourist destinations.

Uttar Pradesh - With a perfect mélange of cultures, Uttar Pradesh reflects the vivid hues of traditions. Uttar Pradesh is the land of Lord Krishna, Rama, Buddha and Taj Mahal. Known as the ‘Heartland of India’, Uttar Pradesh is a sheer feast for tired souls seeking an escape from the hectic city life. Get enthralled by the imposing history of the state, and calm your senses amidst the serene landscapes, ancient temples and jaw dropping cultures. From the tales of Lord Rama who lived in Ayodhya to the stories of Lord Krishna echoing in the gardens of Mathura, from awe-inspiring love story of Shah Jahan buried in Agra to the fables of legendary Maharajas of Lucknow – Uttar Pradesh is an ideal place to walk down the memory lanes.

Uttarakhand - Beautifully sitting in the lap of the Himalayas, Uttarakhand is one of the most northern states of India attracting tourists with its spectacular landscapes. With incredible vistas of might Himalayas and jungles, Uttarakhand takes you to an expedition that leaves lifetime memories in your heart and soul. The charming hill stations in contrast to the snow capped peak, offer views that will stay with you forever. Housing some popular wildlife attractions like Jim Corbett Tiger National Park, Asan Wetland Conservation Reserve, Uttarakhand is blessed with some amazing destinations.


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