Fairs and Festivals of South India

Southern India is renowned for its rich culture and traditions. It is this unique culture that is reflected in its festivals. Each state in South India is different yet similar in certain ways, and that’s what makes them special. The festivals of Southern India have their unusual histories and legends associated with them. Let’s explore the different fairs and festivals of South India that define the culturally colourful states here.

Kerala Boat Race
Things that make Kerala a unique destination to explore are its Boat Races. Boat Races are among the grandest traditions still alive and thriving in Kerala. God’s Own Country, Kerala, is renowned for its Boat Races. These races have been a part of the tradition and culture here since ancient times. As the popular attractions of Kerala, Boat Races here are perhaps the most vigorous, prestigious and community oriented water sports in India. Kerala Backwaters play host to several boat races held every year, and each has its own story of origin. These boat races are a spectacle that needs to be experienced to be believed.

Mysore Dasara
Mysore Dasara is the festival that celebrates the grandeur of Mysore’s royal heritage. Mysore is the city of royal palace, and is known for its age-old tradition of celebrating Dussehra or ‘Dasara’ in a majestic way. Celebrated for 10 days, Mysore Dasara celebrates the grandeur of the city’s royal heritage. According to beliefs, the festival celebrated the victory of Goddess Chamundeshwari after killing the demon Mahishasura and the victory of good over evil.

Onam, the biggest cultural festival of Kerala is a ten-day harvest festival dedicated to the homecoming of King Mahabali. This is the time when the entire state comes together and exhibits its local cultures and traditions. The festival is a spectacle to watch with every corner and street lighting up with vibrant hues of joy. Evoking a feeling of euphoria, this harvest festival marks the annual visit of the mythical king Mahabali, who was the ruler of ancient Kerala. It is said that the soul of Mahabali visits Kerala during the time of Onam Festival and blesses his subjects.


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