A well known world heritage site in India, Hampi is a laidback village located away from the glitz and glamour of the outside world. Peacefully residing in the Northern part of Karnataka, Hampi houses various interesting monuments that narrate the stories of the past. The place houses monuments that will grab your attention and will take you back in time. You can spend days wandering around the ancient city, re-discovering bits of heritage in every corner.

History of Hampi
The ruins of Hampi have been stuck between granite ridges and the Tungabhadra River. According to the Hindu legends of Ramayana, this place was once the kingdom of the monkey gods, Kishkinda. In the year 1336, Telugu princes Harihara and Bukka established Hampi as Vijayanagar City which later grew as one of the biggest Hindu realms in the history of India. By the 16th century, the city expanded to an area of 650 sq km with a population of about 500, 000.

Popular Attractions of Hampi
For those who have a thing for history, Hampi is a blessing for those. The architectural brilliance of India can be best experienced in Hampi. The beautiful Archaeological Museum, housing collections of sculptures and assorted antiques, is a must visit attraction in Hampi. Another major attraction here is the Monkey Temple that has a close association with the legend of Ramayana. The Vijaya Vittala Temple with its rich architecture and a massive stone chariot is a visual treat.
Virupaksha Temple of Hampi, dedicated to Lord Virupaksha, has also remained popular among pilgrims since 7th century.  One must not miss visiting the riverside gorge located to the North of the Kodandarama Temple. These ruins form a cluster featuring a number of pavilions, tiny shrines and sequence of motifs engraved on the rock surface.

Other significant attractions of Hampi include

How to Reach Hampi
By Air - The nearest airport to Hampi is the Hubli Airport located 144 Km away from the village
By Train – One can also opt for a train to Kariganuru, which is only 10 Km away from Hampi
By Road – Regular bus services are also available that connect the village to other major cities of India


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