West India Destinations

Penduluming between present and past, West India stands away from all other region of the country. With three glorified states – Goa, Gujarat and Maharashtra – West India remains a preferred choice of travellers who wish to explore the best of everything. Whether you wish to delve into history, explore architectural wonders, savour beautiful facades of nature or partake in pulsating festivals – West India will defiantly serve you. It also includes union territories of Daman & Diu, and Dadra & Nagar Haveli. Thus, this region of India showers you with a splendid kaleidoscope of cultures where diverse religions, traditions, and lifestyles fuse together.

Gujarat is the sixth largest state of India. The aura of Gujarat is so grand that it seems like a whole nation in itself. Here you can find grand forts, grand architectural wonders, spirituality oozing temples, only home of the majestic Asiatic lions and world’s largest white salt desert. Gujarat hypnotizes all visitors with its charismatic mix of cultures and traditions which show in their everyday life, food, festivals, and clothing. Here you can find many wonders belonging to the Indus Valley Civilization.    

Edging the Western coast of India, Goa remains the most popular beach destination in India. People visit here for their honeymoon, for family vacations, for some adventure and to stay at the most beautiful beach resorts. Goa is known for its wonderful nightlife. Every street here has an exciting nightclub playing pulsating music till wee hours. Sea food lovers surely fall for gluttony here as Goa presents the tastiest and freshest sea food items on the plate.

Maharashtra, resting on the Indian Western Coast, has a grand horizon which umbrellas numerous popular destinations like Mumbai, Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala, Khandala and Panchghani. Here you can laze around some beautiful beaches like Ganpatipule Beach, Shriwardhan Harihareshwar Beach, Madh Island Beach, etc. Maharashtra has won great popularity for its splendid historical caves like Ajanta Ellora caves in Aurangabad, Elephanta and Kanheri caves in Mumbai and Pandavleni. Its wonderful pleasures do not end here. People visit here from all over the country to rest at the most pleasing hill stations like Matheran, Panchghani, Lonavala, and Mahabaleshwar.


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