Wildlife Destinations

India is a wonderland that acts home to some of the rarest species from the world of wild. With states like Goa, Gujarat and Maharashtra, West India is blessed with some popular wildlife sanctuaries. Western region of the country enjoys a moderate climate which accelerates the growth of varied flora and fauna here.

Here are the most popular wildlife hubs in West India:

Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary
Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary is a rich wonder presenting a mix of flora and fauna. The sanctuary is located in Chandrapur district of the Vidarbha region in Indian state of Maharashtra. Travelers visiting here fall in love with its natural vegetation which includes verdant forest and tiny patches of grass lands. Outlook of the Sanctuary is beautified by the Pamalgautam and Parlkota rivers which flow through various parts of the Sanctuary.      

Gir National Park
The sole home of the majestic Asiatic lions, Gir National Park is a forest and wildlife sanctuary near Talala Gir in Gujarat. The Park covers an area of 1412sq.km and is mostly covered with a mix of dry deciduous forest and savannah forest. Many perennial and seasonal rivers flow through the park where one can easily spot wild animals gratifying their thirst for water. The park remains a perfect ground for marsh crocodiles, reptiles, and even birds.  Apart from wild cats, one can also spot Jackal, Striped Hyena, Langur, Porcupine and Black-naped Hare here.

Tadoba National Park
The beautiful home of tigers in Maharashtra, Tadoba National Park has a rich natural heritage which attracts streams of travelers from all over the world. This remains the most popular protected Tiger Reserve which was established in 1995. Travelers visiting here have numerous options to enjoy the beauty of the park like Tiger safari, lakeside picnics, and nature walks. Visiting here is a memorable experience for wildlife lovers.  

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary
Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary in northeastern Goa is a renowned wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary covers an area of 8 sq. kms. It rests 3000 ft. above on the flourishing foothills of the Western Ghats and is loved by both travelers and locals alike. Here you can spot numerous varieties of animals, including Leopards and dancing bears. This is sheer paradise for nature lovers as it is blessed with some beautiful natural wonders like a verdant forest, a botanical garden, a rose garden, a fenced deer park and much more. Little angels and adults love enjoying Elephant rides in the sanctuary.

Barda Wildlife Sanctuary
Barda Wildlife Sanctuary in Gujarat was established in 1979. It is located at a convenient distance from the coast of Porbandar town of Porbandar district. The sanctuary is facing the beautiful the Arabian Sea which adds more beauty to its outlook. Though it is small in size, its plentiful floral diversity is enough to attract travelers from near and far. The sanctuary is dotted with hilly terrain, flat plains and numerous rivulets apart from two dams - Fodara dam and the Khambala dam.

Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary
Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary, established in 1979, is located at Solapur in Maharashtra state of India. The sanctuary is known for housing the great Indian bustards, a large bird having an ostrich like appearance. It was declared a sanctuary in July 1992 to protect the rare Great Indian Bustard. Travelers visiting here get awe-struck by the abundance of nature sprawling here. Apart from the great Indian bustards, one can also spot numerous other birds here like McQueen's Bustard, Lesser Florican, Stoliczkas, Bushchats, Merlins, etc.


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