Incredible India Tourism

India is one of the most ancient civilizations in the world, and the fact that diverse religions and communities live together here maintaining peace and harmony, makes India Incredible. The name India conjures up vivid images of rich culture, classical dance forms, colorful festivals, breathtaking art and exquisite cuisine to name a few. But there is more to incredible India. The country has come a long way from its imperial days to being the world’s largest democracy and the 7th largest country in the world.

India is a land of diversity. There is diversity in literature, culture, food, states, tradition, tastes and many more which shows a variety of things to look on. Beautifully described by Mark Twain – “India is the cradle of human race also the birthplace of human speech. The mother of history, the grandmother of legend also the great grandmother of tradition. Our most valuable and most constructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only.”

Here are few things that will reinstate your faith in why India is Incredible.

India is a country of festivals and customs. With so much diversity, there are countless festivals celebrated throughout the year. Each festival exhibits a diverse religious and cultural background which makes India a cultural site.
Indian weddings are considered as the most expensive weddings around the world. From rituals to food and outfits to music, you can fall in love with anything related to India.
As declared by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), India has 35 World Heritage Sites.

The Power of Yoga that is making waves all over the world, originated in India. India has also taught the world how to self-medicate the holistic way which is the cheapest and has been very reliable over the past centuries.
India is a land of various religious sites. Every year, millions of devotees visit this auspicious holy Yatra and pay homage to the temples. The Yatra offers you a sense of belongingness, heart Purity and the act of self-actualization in life.

India is also known as a “land of vibrant celebration”. One can witness the vivid culture of India during the celebration of various fairs celebrated with high spirit and enthusiasm in each and every town. Most of the fairs held in India are either religious fairs or celebration of the change of seasons.

India boasts of rich culture of dance and music including traditional, classical, folk and Tribal dances style and music. The Classical Dances of India includes Bharatanatyam, the oldest form of the classical dance in the country and one of the Most Popular Classical Dances in India also ancient in Natya Shastra.


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