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Ahmedabad, fondly named as the Manchester of the East, is a significant city in Gujarat. The city is one of the fastest growing metropolises and is known for being an educational hotspot. However, the city still holds its ancient roots in the form of temples, museums, monuments, and much more. Every nook and corner here has a story to tell. Buildings with incredible latticework are common yet interesting sights to behold here.

Here are the top places to visit in Ahmedabad:

Jumma Masjid
Jumma Masjid stands on Mahatma Gandhi Road. This is an unmatched architectural specimen in Ahmedabad which was built by Sultan Ahmed Shah in 1423. The mosque features 260 pillars all adorned with intricate carvings. People of all religious backgrounds visit here to adore the beauty of this ancient masterpiece.

Siddi Sayed Mosque
This is another most photographed ancient wonder in Ahmedabad. It is known for its latticework crafted on the yellow sandstone. Do explore the twin jails on the western wall of the mosque depicting interlacing of tree branches.

Sabarmati Ashram
This second home of Mahatma Gandhi is the most visited attraction of the city. This is the place from where Gandhi directed the final struggle of independence. The ashram has an historical vibe and displays some personal belongings of Gandhi like his round eyeglasses, wooden slippers, letters and books.

The Pols
Pols are basically closely packed collection of houses. These are very common in Ahmedabad and take you back into the history. A Pol features one or two entrances with secret exits. These are found in the old part of Ahmedabad. Most of them have a personal temple in the centre apart from bird feeding poles. Today many such pols have been transformed into cottage industries.  

Sarkhej Roja
Sarkhej Roja is very close to Vishala Complex. This ancient wonder has splendid looking tombs and pavilions. The complex edges an artificial lake which was made by the royals of Gujarat who once ruled here. The whole monument has been beautified with fine carving and brass latticework.

Kankaria Lake
This is the largest lake in Ahmedabad. People visit here for day picnics with their families. The lake has numerous fun zones like a zoo, toy train, kids’ city, Water Park, and much more.

How to Reach
By Air: The Ahmedabad Airport (Sardar Vallabbhai Patel International Airport) is well linked to all major cities of India.
By Rail: Ahmedabad Station is an important junction which is linked to all other cities via the Western Railways.
By Road: State buses connect Ahmedabad with all nearby cities and towns.


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