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A hidden treasure trove of Gujarat, Junagarh is a historical city in the Indian state of Gujarat. Resting at the base of the Girnar hills, Junagarh houses numerous attractions for tourists to explore. Its rich past clearly shows in various ancient wonders dotted here. The city is also known for its Kesari mangoes which are traded from here to all parts of the country.

Here are the top places to visit in Junagarh:

Mahabat Maqbara
This is a beautiful looking mausoleum of one of the Nawabs of Junagarh. The mausoleum stands as one of the most stunning exemplars of Indo-Islamic architecture. It was raised in 1892 and features silver doors and intricate architecture.

Narsinh Mehta's Choro
Narsinh Mehta's Choro is the place where notable poet and saint Narsinh Mehta used to conduct assemblies, religious discourses and Bhajans.  Here you will also find a small temple dedicated to Gopinath.

Durbar Hall Museum
Durbar Hall Museum is a popular attraction for history lovers visiting Junagarh. The museum displays a huge collection of silver chains apart from spectacular chandeliers, thrones, palanquins, weapons and armour. There is also a portrait gallery where pictures of nawabs have been displayed. In ancient times, Nawabs used to host their Darbars here.

Girnar Hills
Located at a convenient distance of 5 km from the town, Girnar Hills are a beautiful collection of hills. The hills take you back to the time of Vedas and remain a popular religious sojourn. Numerous Hindu and Jain pilgrims visit here. Girnar Hills, surrounded by the Gir Forest, also remain popular among nature lovers.  

How to Reach
By Air: There is no direct flight to Junagadh and the nearest airport is Rajkot Airport.
By Rail: Regular train services are available from the Junagadh railway station to all parts of India.
By Road: Road travel is also a convenient option to reach here with availability of buses and taxis.


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