Phek Tourism

Phek flaunts the most colourful side of Nagaland drenched into nature, history and cultures. The landscape of Phek is quite impressive. It is blessed with a thick forest cover which showers immense serenity, treating tired souls with some moments of relaxation. Visit here and get charmed by its immaculate rivers, scintillating lakes and a rich heritage village.  Wildlife lovers find this district equally enjoyable as they get to spot some rare species of orchids and birds here.

Top Places to Visit:  

Shilloi Lake
This unique lake is in the shape of a footprint. It has earned great popularity due to its awe-inspiring location. People visit here to escape the crowds and gaze at its picturesque surroundings.  

Khezhakeno Village
This tiny village has a stimulating milieu and charming surroundings. The village has been home to numerous Naga tribes which left their marks on it in terms of history and cultures. The place has received great popularity due to its historical significance and is visited by many locals and travellers.

Glory Peak
The peak rises about 2600 metres above sea level from where the surroundings seem even more mesmerizing. This remains one of the highest mountains of Nagaland. The peak not just treats you with verdant landscapes but also offers imposing views of the World’s highest mountain, Mountain Everest.

Phek Waterfall
Phek Waterfall is one of most gorgeous tourist places of Nagaland if you are devotee of nature. It sits in the middle of emerald forest and woods. This remains a great place to be visited by family and kids. A small trek leads to this waterfall. Visit here during the seasons of autumn and winter to catch its best facades.

Dzudu Lake
Dzudu Lake is a mystical lake nestling with lush greenery. It lies in close proximity with Mt. Zanibu. Locals consider this lake to be sacred and thus, one must maintain the calmness of the place. Seven different streams merge into this lake forming it a reservoir.

How to Reach
By Air: Dimapur Airport is the nearest to Phek and is well linked with cities like Delhi, Kolkata and Dibrugarh.
By Rail: Dimapur is also the nearest railway station to Phek.
By Road: Regular bus services connect Phek with Kohima and Dimapur.


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