Shikharji Temple (Parasnath Hills) Jharkhand

Shikharji Temple in Jharkhand is believed to be one of the most sacred of all Jain Teerths. People visit here from all corners of the world to experience the spirituality and serenity of the place. The temple sits atop Parasnath Mountain which remains the highest among the Parasnath Range. It is said that here twenty out of twenty-four Tirthankaras attained Moksha from the Cycle of Rebirth.

Raised in the 18th Century, the Shikharji Temple flaunts unmatched architectural magnificence and historical grandeur. Shikharji literally means the highest peak. This temple earned its name due to its location. In the past many Tirthankars practiced meditation here. The temple is located on the Parasnath hills. Today this place has become a known site among travellers not only due to this temple but also for its beautiful surroundings. Here numerous adventure activities are also offered like Parasailing and Paragliding.

To reach the Shikharji Temple, devotees have to pass the dense Madhuban Forest. Trek to the temple is a beautiful experience as you get to relish some unseen vistas of nature. Though the temple is fairly old, the religious sentiments linked with it are still fresh and strong enough to bring streams of pilgrims. Eye-catching murals adorn the temple walls and represent basic aspects of the Jain religion. Sanskrit inscriptions here date back to 1678 AD and look fascinating. There is another temple at the base of Shikharji Temple named Bhomiyaji Temple where all travellers visit.

How to Reach
By Air: Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport, Durgapur is the nearest Airport to reach this temple.
By Rail: Parasnath Station is the nearest Railway Station to reach this Temple.


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