Bir Billing

Though two different locations, Bir and Billing, they are collectively called by a single name; Bir Billing. Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh has gained insane amount of popularity in the past few years, due to its exciting list of adventure activities. Known to be the best spot for Paragliding in the country, Bir Billing is sometimes called the paragliding capital of India. The place is equally popular for ecotourism, and study of spiritual arts and forms of meditation.
Activities and Excursions

One of the most beautiful things you can enjoy here is Paragliding. The enjoyment of flying above the Dhauladar ranges should not be missed. You can actually get a 360 view of the entire Bir Billing. Paragliding has a dependency on weather. So make sure whenever you plan to go for it, just double check about the weather.

For vast majorities who just want to Paraglide and not spend days learning it, tandem ride, also called joy ride, is the thing. Here the glider is maneuvered by a pilot and you just sit and enjoy and click pictures.

Soak some unforgettable views in your eyes as you enjoy the pleasure of star gazing. The sky here is so clear at night that you can actually see constellations. So, this is one excursion that you must not skip, especially if you enjoy the little joys of nature.
Another must try experience is enjoying the beautiful sunset. You can reach the beautiful view of the setting sun from the Bir-landing. This place is so surreal that you will end up spending couple of hours here.

Best time to visit Bir Billing
The best time to visit Bir Billing is all round the year. Though the Paragliding season is between October-November, the entire summer is a good time to beat the heat of the rest of the India and paraglide in the pleasant weather of Bir.

How to reach Bir Billing
By Air – There is no direct flight connectivity for the city of Bir. Kangra Airport is the nearest airport that connects Bir to the rest of the world.
By Train – There is no direct rail connectivity to Bir, and the nearest broad gauge station is in Pathankot, while the nearest narrow gauge station is in Ahju. A toy train runs from Pathankot to Ahju.
By Road – Bus as well as cab services are available to tour around Bir.


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