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The abode of Lord Krishna, Mathura has a great religious sanctity among the Hindus. Holding one of the oldest hisrorical records, Mathura’s mention can be found in the epic Ramayan. It is world renowned that Mathura is the birthplace of the Hindu God Krishna, and is considered as the most sacred city in Uttar Pradesh. According to popular beliefs, Mathura has been home to various historical and mythological dynasties in the past. Today, it stays immersed into the powers of spirituality with devotees lost in the worship of Krishna.

Famed for its temples, Mathura houses some of the prominent temples. The most popular temple of Mathura is the Krishna Janma Bhoomi Mandir. As per popular beliefs, this is exactly the place where Lord Krishna was born inside a prison cell. To witness the real zeal of the pilgrims, the travelers must visit the temple during the festival of Janmashtami and Holi. This is the time when the temple complex reverberates with chants and oozes fragrance of thousands of flowers in the air.

During Janmashtami, the city of Mathura transforms into a colourful fest. Celebrated as the birthday of Lord Krishna, this festival holds great importance among the locals who observe fast, adorn their homes, and make delicacies to offer to the deity. The followers of Lord Krishna also perform Rasleelas, a local folklore, to add glittering stars to the celebrations.
Another must visit holy place in Mathura is the Dwarkadhish Temple, established around 150 years ago. The temple is also famed for its highly impressive architecture.

A visit to the Kusum Sarovar is also recommended in the city. The sarovar is around 450 feet long and 60 feet deep, and charms the visitors with its serene surroundings.

Another sacred hub of Mathura is the Radha Kund, constructed in the year 1874. The pool is believed to be formed by Lord Krishna himself, who is believed to hit the earth and water emerged at this spot.

Other attractions in Mathura are:

How to Reach Mathura:
By Air: Travellers can land at the Kheria Airport, 46 km away from Mathura.
By Rail: Regular trains from all parts of India link to two railway stations of Mathura naming Mathura Junction and Mathura Cantt.
By Road: The city is well connected to other major Indian cities via regular buses.


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