South India Adventure Tours

South India is often famed for its lush greenery, beautiful mountains and well manicured tea and coffee plantations that exude nature at its best. But, too often, the region is overshadowed by more prominent cities and states when it comes to adventure activities. If you are someone who enjoys escapade and gets an energy booster by feeding the adventurer inside, then South India is the place for you. Be it snorkeling, trekking, water sports, wildlife safari, South India has it all. Glance through some of the best destinations in South India for adventure tour.

Bheemeshwari - Situated in the Mandya district in Karnataka, Bheemeshwari is one of the most pleasant places to visit. A trip to Bheemeshwari is a perfect way to spend your weekend. The place serves as a retreat for those seeking a calm and refreshing getaway. Whether it’s a chance to get closer to nature or to experience an action packed adventure, Bheemeshwari has something for everyone. A hotspot for adventure, Bheemeshwari offers activities like water rafting, kayaking, zip-lining, mountain biking etc.

Coorg - Earning itself the rightful title of the adventure capital of Karnataka, Coorg boasts of a diverse topography with mountains, coffee plantations, thick forests, paddy fields and rivers. Coorg’s magnificent natural beauty makes it a paradise for adventure lovers, offering number of activities like rafting, kayaking, canoeing, trekking, camping and micro light flying to try out from. Blessed with mist and magic, Coorg is an ideal destination for vacations, adventure trips, sightseeing options and lot more.

Dandeli - This beautiful town residing in the southern state of Karnataka offers adventurous souls with a plethora of exhilarating activities, boosting their adrenaline rush. With activities that are too adventurous to forget anytime soon, Dandeli is soon emerging as a hotspot destination for adventure enthusiasts. Situated around River Kali, Dandeli is a go to destination for rafting lovers and attracts people to come and try their hand at taming the rapids of this river. There is a lot to do and explore in this beautiful town to satiate your hunger for adventure.

Munnar - Famed as a definitive quiet and revitalizing destination, Munnar is a popular pick among honeymooners and serenity seekers. Apart from its lush green vegetation and calming ambience, Munnar is also an absolute destination for adventure activities. Offering a list of activities to try from, Munnar is the perfect place to unleash your body, mind and soul against the tough terrains of the Western Ghats. If challenging your fears and kicking up your adrenaline rush is something you enjoy doing, then you must visit this adventurous hub for sure.

Mysore - Mysore is considered as one of the favourite destinations for holidaying. Touted as the cultural capital of Karnataka, Mysore offers a list of interesting activities to try from. From colonial tourism to jeep tours, Mysore has the best adventure tours for all types of travelers. Apart from enticing the travelers with its rich history, flamboyant cultures and natural wonders, the city is also a major hub for various adventure activities.

Nagarhole - One of the well known protected areas in India, Nagarhole Reserve is located at a distance of 94 kms from Mysore. Situated in the northwest of the adjoining Bandipur National Park, both the parks are separated by the Kabini reservoir. An ideal habitat for wild animals, Nagarhole Reserve serves as the perfect hub for adventure activities. As a wildlife paradise, the reserve is a treat to the nature lovers, wildlife lovers, and adventure lovers, offering the best sights of wild animals and birds at its natural habitat.

Wayanad - Wayanad with its scenic views and lush green surroundings has touched the hearts of many. From uncovering its natural beauty to exploring various attractions, Wayanad also offers a list of adventure activities that attract travelers from around the world. With charming waterfalls, enchanting caves, resorts, and home stays, this prominent town is celebrated for its natural life and array of adventure opportunities.


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