Nandi Hills, also known as Nandidurg or Nandi Betta is an ancient hill fortress situated in a district called Chikkaballapur in Karnataka. Besides being picturesque and serene, it is also popular among the adventure seekers. Some breathtaking scenery, rare flora, cool fresh air and peace, makes the hills the perfect place for a holiday.  The ancient Dravidian temple dedicated to the Nandi statue that is located here is responsible for the hills getting their so-called name. The breath of fresh air, the scenic beauty, and the excellent climate are all Nandi’s ways of calling out to you.


One of the popular attractions of Nandi Hills is the Tipu Sultan’s Fort, which was home to the famous ruler Tipu Sultan. Exhibiting the beautiful architecture of the era, the walls of the fort are engraved with beautiful paintings depicting the culture and art of the time. Built by the original Chikkaballapur Chieftains, the fort was further strengthened by Tipu Sultan.

Another popular attraction here is the Amrita Sarovar, also known as the Lake of Nectar. It is the quintessential water body which is associated with Hindu Temples in India. The Amrita Sarovar is the prime source of water in the area. The beautiful steps here offer a scenic beauty for photography enthusiasts.
Another spot for the solitude seekers, Brahmashram is essentially a cave. As per popular beliefs, the Sage Ramakrishna Paramahamsa used the cave as an ashram for his meditation. Owing to this, Brahmashram is now one of the most popular religious sites in the region. The beautiful structure and tranquil ambience of the cave make for a perfect spot to meditate.

For the religiously inclined, Yoga Nandeeshwar Temple built during the Chola period is a famous temple here in Nandi Hills. The temple houses exquisite statue of Nandi, and the detailed carvings and engravings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi serves as a perfect study material for various architectural students.

Activities to try
The beautiful destination also offers various adventure activities to try from. Nandi Hills is one of the few places in Karnataka that offers paragliding facilities. One can enjoy Paragliding over these hills and valleys, for some of the most memorable experiences here. The beautiful landscape, amazing terrain and the tantalizing altitude of Nandi Hills offer one of the most enjoyable cycling or biking experience here.

Best time to visit Nandi Hills
Although the months of October to June are the best time to visit Nandi Hills, the beautiful place can be visited anytime throughout the year due to its pleasant weather. However, it’s best to skip the monsoon season between June to August, as the place remains drenched during the entire monsoon.

How to reach
By Air - The nearest airport here is the Kempegowda International Airport. From the airport, one can either travel by road to Nandi, in about an hour’s duration.
By Train - The nearest railway station is at the city of Chikkaballapur. This is about 9 kilometers away from the hills and can be accessed from there by road using autos, or cabs.
By Road - Nandi Hills is accessible by road from all the major surrounding cities, with smooth well-tarred roads.


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