With an unmatched blend of history and modernity, Hyderabad owns a rustic world charm. The Pearl City has the power to hypnotize everyone with its beauty. With a history as old as 400 years, Hyderabad promises a unique refreshing experience to all. This city lets you experience an entirely different fa├žade of India, where you find a beautiful balance of old and new. The lanes full of bazaars, tea shops, crowded with rickshaws and a bustle of noise go hand in hand with sky piercing malls and pulsating night life. This combination is rare yet fascinating, simple yet baffling.


This capital of southern India's Telangana state houses numerous places that let you explore the unexplored.

Hussain Sagar Lake
For those who crave some moments of peace, the Hussain Sagar Lake is a must visit. This is one huge man-made lake, and is quite popular among the tourists as well as the locals. A large monolithic statue of the Gautama Buddha, erected in 1992, stands on Gibraltar Rock in the middle of the lake.

Lumbini Huda Park
The Lumbini Huda Park is another great place to escape the exhausting city life and spend some moments in a spiffy little place.

Mecca Masjid
Visit the popular Mecca Masjid here and let your mind and soul sigh a breath of calm. Completed in the year 1694 by Emperor Aurangzeb, an astonishing part about this Masjid is that the soil used for its construction was brought from Mecca (the holiest place in Islam). The architecture of the mosque is unmatched with holy Quran scripted on its arches.

Salarjung Museum
Another must visit attraction here is the Salarjung Museum, which is visited by many for its amazing collection of objects d’art from around the world. The museum exhibits beautiful collection of art accumulated by three generations of the Nizam’s Prime Ministers. The artistic collection here includes western and Indian artists, marble carvings, carpets, clocks, china and porcelain, Chola sculptures, and other religious objects.

Golkonda Fort
This is a must visit attraction when in Hyderabad. The Golkonda Fort is among the archaeological treasures on the official ‘List of Monuments’. One of the region’s best preserved monuments, the architecture, the legends, the history, and the mystery of Golconda Fort add to its allure.

No trip to Hyderabad can ever end without eyeing the grand Charminar constructed in 1591 CE. This majestic structure, made of Granite, limestone, mortar and marble, has become an important landmark in the city today where locals and travellers flock all day long to spend some great time with friends and family.

Other major attractions in Hyderabad are:

How to Reach
By Air - The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad’s international airport, links the city with all the major domestic and international destinations.
By Train - The city houses three major railway stations, including Hyderabad Railway Station, Secunderabad Railway Station and Kachiguda Railway Station. All these stations connect the city with other major Indian metropolises such as Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Mumbai and Pune.
By Road - The city has a grand bus terminal from where travellers can take bus service to neighbouring cities like Aurangabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Tirupati and Panaji.


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