Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary situated in Thekkady, Kerala is where the Royal Bengal Tigers, Indian Elephants, and various other wild and fascinating creatures reside. Covering 357 square miles of land, Pamba and Periyar rivers run through the park. The Park attracts thousands of tourists every year offering activities like safari, rafting and other activities. Lying in the middle of cardamom hills, the north and the east borders of the park are covered by the mountains.


There is a lot to see and observe for nature lovers at Periyar National Park, and you need a well planned tour to explore everything in the best possible way. The Park acts as a habitat to many endangered and endemic species of flora, mammals, reptiles, fishes, amphibians, and birds. One can enjoy the rich flora here and explore to see trees of tamarind, rosewood, sandalwood, and Jamun; along with other species.

The Periyar National Park is also a great place to spot Bengal Tigers. One might spot Indian Elephants, Nilgirir Langoors, Wild Pigs, and Niligir Tahrs. A treasure trove for bird lovers, Malabar grey hornbill, blue-winged parakeet, Nilgiri wood pigeon, and Sri Lanka frogmouth are among the birds residing here.

One can also enjoy a boat ride to the Periyar Lake situated near the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. The boat ride will offer a beautiful view of Elephants grazing near the edges of the shoreline, Deer, Sambar, Gaur and Wild Boars flocking around the place at regular intervals. A majority of the wildlife activity in the area can be viewed during the summer months of March and April. The boat ride will be a surreal experience, and is highly recommended if you are in the area.

Activities in and around Periyar National Park
The Park offers number of activities to indulge in along with jungle safari. Below are some of the activities one can try when in Periyar National Park.

Clouds Walk – This 3 to 4 hour guided walk takes you to the vantage point of the park. The vantage point offers a 360 degree view of the grasslands.

Jungle Patrol – Take a thrilling tour of the Park at night along with the guards, and since the activity is about roaming in eco-development zone, visitors are expected to be disciplined.

Periyar Tiger TrailThe Periyar Tiger Trail is a trekking and camping program offered for 2-3 nights. The trail covers an area of 20 to 35 km.

Bamboo Rafting – You get to experience some of the verdant areas of Periyar Tiger Reserve, and the tour is guided by two professional guides and panoramic views on the way are a visual treat.

Jungle campA tented accommodation program, Jungle Camp features film shows and trekking. Located on the banks of Periyar River, the program gives you an opportunity to know more about local Urali tribe. Also, you’ll be served food prepared by them.

Best Time to Visit
September to June is considered the best time to visit Periyar National Park. Monsoon season lasts from September to early October and brings rain showers that bestow the national park with lush vegetation. The panorama gets greener and the weather stays pleasant. Summer season starts from March and ends in June. It is the best time to spot Indian elephant, Bengal tiger, and other animals, as the animals come outside in search of water in summers.


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