From stunning temples to breathtaking beaches and quaint hill stations, India’s southern states perhaps receive much less attention than they deserve. A destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things. South India too is a full-fledged package of beauty and mystery, dotted with some amazing summer destinations, and far from heat and humidity.
The Southern region is well known for its vibrant culture, appetizing delicacies, and various other man-made marvels. If you still think that a holiday to the Southern India won’t offer you with anything much, then it’s time you should rethink about it. There's So much more that South India has to offer. So, we suggest you ditch the crowds and gallivant away to these tourist places in South India for a memorable trip. Unfailingly beautiful, and indisputably unique, these gorgeous tourist places in South India during summer won’t disappoint you!
Take a look at the beautiful states and cities to visit in South India –

Andaman & Nicobar - Sunny skies, golden beaches, sparkly seas and serene environment, Andaman & Nicobar with its awe-inspiring picturesque islands attract travelers throughout the year. Their turquoise water, unspoilt beaches, beautiful rain forests, striking corals and ancient tribes, make for the perfect vacation spot. Travellers, especially those on their honeymoon, flock here to relish some moments of peace away from the bustling city life. With a rich collection of flora and fauna, the islands come out as a clear winner for those seeking a beach holiday in India.

Andhra Pradesh - Andhra Pradesh has always managed to lure a string of travelers, from all parts of India and outside due to its grand monuments, awe-inspiring museums, elaborate havelis, mesmerising hill stations, unexplored natural caves and a lot more. Nestled in the southeastern coast of India, Andhra Pradesh is the 4th largest state of India. The rich cultural heritage, ancient architecture and historical importance have made Andhra Pradesh one of the top tourist destinations in India.

Karnataka - Blessed with immense natural attractions, Karnataka is a landscape of colours, cultures, flavours, timelessness, and beauty. Ranked as the third most popular state for tourism in India, Karnataka is a place where vibrant worlds seamlessly melt into one another every few hundred kilometers. Karnataka is a gem for those seeking the best facades of India. The best escape to revive you and release you from the hectic chaos of city life, Karnataka houses some jaw dropping palaces, pristine beaches, far stretched tiger reserves and ruins of bygone era.

Kerala - Known as God’s Own Country, Kerala is blessed with some of the best tourist destinations. The land of coconuts, backwaters, elephants and rich cultural & traditional heritage, Kerala has been one of the best sought after places by travellers from all around the world. From the serene beaches to beautiful backwater canals to the glorious rolling hillside tea plantations, Kerala’s landscape is a paradise for nature lover. The natural beauty of the state is as diverse as its people, and the culture here is the major attraction among the tourists.

Lakshadweep - Pristine clean water and endless lagoons make Lakshadweep a perfect destination for vacation. The meaning of Lakshadweep is “one hundred thousand islands” in Sanskrit, and all these islands are a result of various coral activities from millions of years. Housing a string of 36 atolls blessed with white sands, allure waters, dancing palm trees and cool breeze, Lakshadweep is a perfect destination to unwind. This tropical haven lures streams of travellers every year seeking some moments of peace and solitude.

Pondicherry - The Indian Union Territory of Pondicherry is among the most popular tourist destinations of India. Famed for its French Colony, Tamilian style urban architecture, temples and beaches, Pondicherry promises to offer a good time to the tourists. From historical monuments, to magnificent sightseeing spots, this place has something for everyone. A beautiful blend of French architecture and authentic Indian charm is what makes Pondicherry worth visiting.

Tamil Nadu - A nature’s paradise with blue beaches and clear skies, Tamil Nadu is every traveller’s dream come true. If you haven’t travelled to Tamil Nadu, you should think of taking a trip now. The state is home to countless striking places, and magnificent would be an understatement to describe this nature’s wonder. The state is jeweled with beautiful temples, tranquil beaches, and impressive forts, and more, which also means that there are multiple reasons for you to pack your bags and head for a tour. If we have to pick one state to describe the majesty of South India, it would be Tamil Nadu.


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