Dzouku Valley

The land blanketed with emerald forest, pristine lakes, multi-coloured flowers and a soul soothing ambience – Dzukou Valley is definitely a beautiful heaven on earth. This is a secret treasure trove of North East. The valley runs along the border of the states of Nagaland and Manipur. The valley stands at a height of 2452 m above sea level and is a picturesque retreat for every devotee of nature.  The valley is nestling with majestic Japfu hilly ranges. Numerous seasonal flowers bloom here during summer months which add to its beautiful outlook.

Trekking at Dzukou Valley
Trekking at Dzukou Valley is a dream of every novice as well as veteran trekker. Trekking here takes you through emerald green hills and immaculate valleys. You make your way through beautiful forest trails with steep ascents. The trek begins from Kohima early in the morning and moves forward through beautiful forests of bamboo and deodar. You stop at the Trekkers’ Hut in the valley to rest and to enjoy scenic surroundings. Here you will be welcomed by stretches of grasslands and rolling meadows. Numerous tiny villages like Viswema village are dotted all along the trekking route.

The Flora of Dzukou Valley
Untouched by the layers of modern world, Dzukou Valley is rightly termed as the 'Valley of Celestial Charm'. It has a captivating charm which captures the heart of trekkers. In summer months, one can see diverse wild herbs and shrubs growing along the streams here. Do enjoy views of lilies in pink and white, aconitums and euphorbias during your trekking route. This is definitely a dream of every nature devotee looking for the most pristine facades of nature at its best.

How to Reach
By Air: Dimapur is the nearest airport from where travellers can take a taxi to reach the valley.
By Rail: The nearest railhead is at Dimapur.


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