Konark, Orissa

Konark in Orissa is home to some of the most priceless wonders of architecture. Here stands the very popular Sun Temple which has earned great popularity due to its remarkable architectural style and spiritual significance. Here you can see the finest examples of Oriya architecture. The temple was raised in 13th century by King Narasimhadeva.

Konark Sun Temple belongs to 13th-century CE and is dedicated to the Hindu god Surya. Even though most of the temple complex is in ruins today, it still preserves its beauty. The Konark Sun Temple was raised from stone in the shape of a life size adorned chariot dedicated to the Sun god, Surya. King Narasimhadeva I, the ruler of the Ganga dynasty raised this temple, with over 1200 artisans in a period of 12 years (1243-1255 A.D.).

The Konark temple is extensively recognized not only for its architectural vastness but also for the wealth of sculptural work displayed here. Konark is an outstanding blend of amazing temple architecture, heritage, unusual beach and heart pleasing natural exquisiteness. The temple has a shape of a massive chariot with seven horses and twelve wheels.   It has a distinct traditional style of Kalinga architecture which is worth exploring. As the temple is oriented towards the east direction, the first rays of the sun hit the main entrance. The beautifully made chariot here stands on 24 wheels each having 10 feet of diameter. The main temple which housed the presiding god has fallen off and today you can see only remains here. Its walls have been beautified with images of deities, dancers, musicians, elephants and mythical caracters.

The ruins of Konark Temple house many shrines and monuments. Mayadevi Temple, on west-southwest from the entrance, is a small temple with sculptures of Balarama, Varaha, and Vamana–Trivikrama. Kitchen is also a prominent monument which was discovered in excavations in the 1950s.

How to Reach
By Air: Bhubaneswar airport is the nearest airport from Konark at a distance of 64 km.
By Rail: Puri is the closest railway station to Konark. It is linked to all main cities in India.
By Road: Konark is well linked to other cities through the Orissa State Public Transport buses.


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