Sivasagar Tourism

Sivasagar is counted among the most holistic towns located in the upper ranges of Assam. The town is rich in biodiversity and is nestling with numerous historic attractions. The literal meaning of Sivasagar is “Ocean of Shiva”. People visit here from all parts of India to explore its underground architecture which is seen in temples dotted here.

Top Places to Visit:

Rang Ghar
Rang Ghar remains the oldest surviving amphitheaters of Asia. It dates back to 1746 A.D. and has a great historical significance. Its structure showcases architectural finesse and grandeur of those times. Though many earthquakes developed cracks in Rang Ghar, they failed to diminish its beauty.

This was once the capital of Ahom dynasty. Thus, it is known for housing 42 tombs of the Ahom kings and queens. The place flaunts impressive craftsmanship of the masons and architects belonging to medieval Assam and remains a popular historical site. Most of the tombs here are in ruins today but they still stand high with pride showcasing the golden past of this historic wonder.

Gaurisagar Tank
Gaurisagar Tank is dedicated to Goddess Durga, the goddess of power. The tank belongs to eighteenth century and has three temples with it namely, Durga Temple, Vishnu Temple and Shiva Temple. It was raised by the queen of the Ahom Kingdom who was a follower of the Sakta Hinduism. The tank covers an area of about 150 acres and remains a major attraction for travelers.

Talatal Ghar
Talatal Ghar, also named as Rangpur Palace, flaunts highly impressive Tai Ahom architecture. It not only stands for the vibrant Assamese culture but also presents rich history of the region. It is known for being the largest of all Ahom monuments on the planet. Its upper ground is known as Kareng Ghar where royalty of Assam used to reside. It is said that Talatal Ghar was made using all organic materials.

How to Reach:
By Air: The nearest airport to Sivasagar is at Jorhat, around 75 km away.
By Rail: Sivasagar has a railway station named Sibsagar Town Railway Station.
By Road: The roads of Sivasagar are linked to main cities like Guwahati, Itanagar, and Tezpur.


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