Unakoti Hill Temples, Tripura

Located around 8km from the sub-divisional headquarters of Kailashahar town, Unakoti hill remains a famous pilgrimage destination in India. People visit here to enjoy its beautiful surroundings and amazing sculptures. Unakoti hill houses the largest bas relief sculptures of the country. It can be clearly noticed that the carvings made here are works of extremely skilled artisans.

The site has an ancient legend associated with it. As per Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva came to Kashi to spend a night along with 99,99,999 gods and goddesses. He then asked his devotees to wake up before sunrise but none woke. Out of anger, he cursed all and turned them into stones.

The sculptures found at Unakoti can be categorized into two types: rock-carved figures and stone images. Among the rock cut carvings, the central Shiva head and huge Ganesha figures catch the attention of all. The Shiva head in the centre, known as Unakotiswara Kal Bhairava, is 30 feet high. Each side of the head-dress of this central Shiva has two female figures. Also, three giant images of Nandi Bull can also be seen here half buried in the ground.

Unakoti hill is known for hosting the very popular fair known as Ashokastami Mela. It is hosted in the month of April every year and is attended by thousands of pilgrims.

Unakoti Hill Temples enjoy beautiful natural surroundings and make a perfect place to unwind amidst unseen facades of nature. People visit here for some mental solace and observing its hard to believe stone figures.

How to Reach
By Air: Agartala Airport is 180km from Unakoti.
By Rail: The two nearest railway stations to Agartala are Kumarghat (160km) and Dharamanagar (200km).
By Road: NH44 originates from Agartala and links to various cities of Assam.


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