Majuli Tourism

World's Largest Fresh Water Island, Majuli is blessed with a lush green environment good enough to relish all the wonders of nature. The island spreading over an area of 1250 sq. km rests in the river Brahmaputra. Majuli remains one of the most peace oozing places in India and is also a UNESCO's World Heritage Site. The place is mostly inhabited by Tribals. Visit here and get drenched into its unique cultures which have earned it the name of the cultural capital of Assam. People of these tribes celebrate their cultures with great joy. Raas is a major festival here.


Kamalabari Satra: This is one of the most visited sites in Majuli. It has a great religious significance and people residing here are deeply devoted to their art, culture, literature and classical studies.   The gorgeous structure is slightly aged and dilapidated but the complex patterns on the walls and ceilings look fresh till date. The North Satr is the place where cultural events of the Satriya art are organized. Do explore the ceilings with vibrant images of deities and Gods.

Garmur: Garmur is one of the many holy seats with most prominent ones like Auniati, Daksinpath and Kamlabari. Garmur is the religious centre of the Vaishnavite tradition and welcomes numerous pilgrims. Here you will find intricately carved pillars and some ancient artifacts sharing some deep facts about Vaishnavite tradition.   

Dakhinpat Satra: This is a majestic monument which gained popularity due to its religious significance. The place hosts the cultural Rasotsava festival on a full moon. Local artists can be seen performing during the festival. Dakhinpat Satra is also renowned for offering views of Assamese architecture.

Auniati Satra: Founded by Niranjan Pathakdeva, Auniati Satra presents a beautiful collection of Assamese jewelry, utensils and artifacts. The place is known for the Apsara and Paalnaam dance beautifully performed here. Visit here and experience the vividness of Assamese culture and tradition.

Tengapania: This is a famous picnic spot on the banks of river Brahmaputra. It is hugged by Dhakuakhana, Machkhoa and Disangmukh. The place is 24 km from Sibsagar and enjoys connections with Majuli and Jorhat.

How to Reach:
By Air: Majuli can't be reached by air as it doesn’t have an airport of its own.
By Rail: As it is an island, Majuli doesn’t have any well-maintained roadways to reach here. 
By Road: There is no train available to Majuli.
By Waterways: This is the only option to reach Majuli. Boats and Ferries are available to reach here in abundance.


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