Chhattisgarh Tourism

An offbeat tourist destination, Chhattisgarh boasts of several unfamiliar and implicit tourists’ spots where one can enjoy the beauty of nature as well as man-made marvels. The state of Chhattisgarh is home to some timeworn historical sites, amazing waterfalls, bounteous flora and fauna, with culture filled tradition and customs. Chhattisgarh is known for its rich cultural heritage and attractive natural diversity, and the state is full of ancient monuments, carved temples, rock paintings and natural heritage site such as Chitrakot Waterfall,Balrampur Hot Spring and Bhuteshwar Shivling.


Raipur city, which is the capital of Chhattisgarh, houses the Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum, the structure of which was established in the year 1875. Built by Raja Mahant Ghasidas of Rajnandgaon, the Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum promotes awareness about the preservation of archaeological heritage.

Another famous attraction is the Shabari Handicrafts Emporium and Chhattisgarh Haat which displays the work of local artists and craftsmen. Visitors can find attractions like local craft on display and sale. It has Dhokra arts with the finest workmanship and one can indulge in authentic Chhattisgarh handicrafts and Mahakoshal Kala Parishad.

Chandrahasini Devi Temple of Chandrapur is another famous attraction of Chhattisgarh. The temple is dedicated to Chandrahasini Maa in Janjgir-Champa district. Chandrahasini Devi Temple is an ancient temple of Goddess Devi with eight hands, and is located on the bank of Mahanadi nearby Raigarh city.

Another major temple here is the Bhoramdeo Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is popular as the Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh, and was constructed somewhere between the 7th and 11th centuries. Its outstanding structure and detailed carved images really are an impressive work of art. The temple contains finely sculpted images of the ten avatars of the Lord Vishnu, apart from images of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha.

Bhoramdeo Sanctuary is another popular attraction of Chhattisgarh. Covered by the hills and thick forests of the Maikal range, the sanctuary is still an undiscovered natural treasure trove. It houses a mini wildlife paradise here named as Bhoramdeo Wildlife Sanctuary and it is abundant with flora and fauna.

Best time to visit Chhattisgarh
One among the landlocked states of India, Chhattisgarh is gaining popularity not only as a fascinating sightseeing destination, but also as an eco tourism destination of India. The best time to visit the state is during the relatively cool winter (Oct–March), though during the coldest months (Dec–Feb) it gets a bit chilly at night and in the early morning.

How to reach Chhattisgarh
By Air – Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, is the only place in the state that is linked by air to New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Nagpur (Maharashtra) by regular flights.
By Train – Raipur and Bilaspur are the two main junctions that are on the routes of express and passenger trains that either directly or indirectly connects the state to other parts of India.
By Road – Chhattisgarh is well connected by road to its neighbouring states as well as the important cities of the region. Inter-state and national highways connect Raipur to Bhopal, Nagpur, Jhansi, Jabalpur and to cities further afield like Kolkata and Bhubhaneshwar.


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