Bhimbetka Tourism

This beautiful destination in Madhya Pradesh is Disney Land for the history enthusiasts. Bhimbetka houses pre-historic rock shelters and some of the finest prehistoric cave paintings in South Asia. Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, archaeologists are of the opinion that the caves might have been occupied over 10,000 years ago. The smooth surface of the rocks has led some scientists to believe that the area was once under water.


One of the major attractions of Bhibetkar is the temple of Bhojpur. This incomplete Hindu temple situated in the Bhojpur Village of Madhya Pradesh is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and houses a 7.5 feet high lingam in its sanctrum. Believed to have been constructed in the 11th century during the reign of King Bhoja, the temple has been designed as a Monument of National Importance by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

A World Heritage site, Bhimbetka houses one of the oldest cave paintings in the world. Right at the entrance of the cave you can notice small illustrations showing how early age man used to draw paintings. All the important rock shelters are signposted and there are approximately 15 spots linked by a concrete path. One interesting spot is the 'rock tortoise'. Just a little up-hill from the Caves entry is a small temple.

The district of Hoshangabad is one of the major tourist attractions of Bhimbetka which has a number of tourist destinations in its confines. With a gentle mix of natural sightseeing and historical monuments including picturesque cascades of water and ancient shrines, Hoshangabad is also a gateway to a number of other popular destinations. A notable fact about Hoshangabad is that it trades in some exquisite pieces of handicraft, silk, leather and pulses, which make it's shopper's delight as well.

Just 45km away from Bhimbetka is the sprawling city of Bhopal, which is known as the city of lakes. The city with the right mixture of culture, heritage and modern life, Bhopal houses some beautiful havelis and museums, and is also the cultural hub with numerous art performing centers.

Best time to visit Bhimbetka
Winter season is the best season to visit Bhimbetka. The months when Bhimbetka is the most ideal for a trip is for the months of October - March. Monsoon season is also a nice time to visit, while summers should be avoided, owing to the hostile climate.

How to reach Bhimbetka
By Air – Raja Bhoj Airport (BHO) is the nearest airport to Bhimbetka, and is well connected with Mumbai, Delhi, Indore and all other major cities of India.
By Train – There is no direct rail connectivity to Bhimbetka. Bhopal junction railway station is the nearest railway station to the site, approximately 45 km away from Bhimbetka.
By Road – Bhimbetka is just around 46 km drive from Bhopal. Taxis and Buses are easily available on this route.


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