Mandu Tourism

Mandu is an ancient city in Malwa plateau. Earlier it was known with the name of Mandavgarh & Shadiabaad. During the rule of Mughals, Mandu was a delightful resort. Here you can relish vistas of pristine lakes and ancient palaces. Mandu underlines true love between the poet prince Baz Bahadur and his consort Rani Rupmati.  Here you can relish numerous stories of romance.

Jahaz Mahal
Jahaz Mahal flaunts a grand architecture. It was raised during the rule of Mandu Sultan Ghiyas-ud-din Khilji. It is believed that the ruler had 15,000 women as his consorts.  Jahaz Mahal showcases the medieval element of Mundu and looks stunning with a fusion of Afghan, Mughal, Hindu and Mesopotamian architecture styles. Main features of the palace include Roopmati's Pavilion, Baz Bahadur's Palace, Hindola Mahal, Jain Temple and Jami Masjid.

Mandav Durg
Mandav Durg is another historical wonder in Mandu. Visitors need to cross many beautiful doors like Alamgir, Bhangi darwaza, Dehli darwaza, Kabaani darwaza to finally enter into the fort.   

Jaami Mosque
Jaami Mosque is one of the biggest ancient buildings in Mandu. Its construction work started in 1554 AD and it remains one of the finest examples of Afgaani architecture. There is a prayer hall with arched pillars. Its ceiling has three great domes other than 58 smaller ones. The most beautiful feature of the mosque is its central niche (mihrab) adorned with a scroll of interwoven Arabic letters.

Mausoleum of Hoshang-shah
Construction work of this Marble mausoleum was completed in 1439 AD. It soars up to a height of 100 ft with walls rising to 32 ft. Here you will find numerous star & lotus shaped carvings on the walls as well as on pillars. The square tomb rising on its plinth is topped by a huge dome with little cupolas at the corners. Hoshang Shah’s tomb is inside the Mesopotamia along with other tombs.

How to Reach

By Air: Indore Airport is closest to Mandu connected to all major cities.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is Indore.

By Road: Mandu has good roadways and receives regular buses from Indore, Bhopal and Ratlam.


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