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Ujjain is one of the seven sacred cities of Hinduism, and boasts a wealth of cultural heritage. Located on the banks of Shipra River, Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh’s Malwa region is one of India’s holiest cities. The spiritual charm of Ujjain is undeniable, and famous poet Kalidas described the place as ‘The town fallen from Heaven to bring Heaven to Earth’. The city of Ujjain is also renowned for being one of the four sites for the Kumbh Mela. The rich cultural heritage of the place attracts huge number of people comprising devotees as well as domestic and international tourists.


The ancient temples of Ujjain boast of a glorious history, and attract devotees from far and wide. The Mahakaleshwar Temple here is the most sacred and famous temple of Ujjain. The temple also houses one of the 12 jyotirlingam shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva in India. The five-storey temple houses the idols of various deities like Omkareshwar, Shiva, Parvati, Ganesh, Kartikeya and Shiva’s bull - Nandi.

Another popular temple here is the Kal Bhairav Temple, which is dedicated to Kal Bhairav who is believed to be the chief of the eight Bhairavs. The Shivalinga in the temple is the centre of attraction and during Mahashivratri devotees in huge number come here to pay their homage. Moreover, fine Malwa paintings beautify the temple.

The Harsiddhi Temple is another major attraction of Ujjain. Rebuilt by the Maratha rulers, the temple is graced by the dark vermilion coloured idol of Goddess Annapurna between the statues of Goddess Mahasaraswati and Goddess Mahalaxmi. At the temple’s entrance, there are two pillars exhibiting Maratha art which are designed to hold oil lamps. 
Ram Ghat is also a famous site to visit in Ujjain. Considered among India’s oldest bathing ghats, Ram Ghat serves as the venue for the world famous Kumbh Mela that takes place once in every 12 years. According to beliefs, taking a dip in the ghat washes off all sins.

Mangalnath Temple is also a major attraction to explore. Believed to be the birthplace of Lord Mangalnath or Mars, the temple offers a tranquil environment to the visitors, with its calm surroundings. Showcasing Maratha architecture, Gopal Mandir is a beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Other major attractions in Ujjain are

Ujjain is also renowned for its 2000 years old Batik Painting. Beautiful patterns are created on fabrics by using molten wax and coconut husk.

How to Reach Ujjain
By Air: Indore Airport is 55 km from the city and the closest one. From here, regular flights connect Ujjain to Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and other major cities.
By Rail: Ujjain Junction is the main railway station with regular trains to all Indian metro cities.
By Road: There are state-run and private buses connecting Ujjain to major cities of Madhya Pradesh. Cabs are also available.


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