Pachmarhi Tourism

Pachmarhi is adorned with lush greenery all around. This remains one of the most popular places of tourist interest in Madhya Pradesh. Pachmarhi sits at a height of 1,067 feet and houses a range of attractions for exploration. Pachmarhi is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and remains a priceless treasure trove of Madhya Pradesh tourism. Satpura Range of Forests cuddles Pachmarhi from all corners and makes it a paradise to weave some beautiful holiday memories.

Rajat Prapat
Cascading from a height of 106 m, Rajat Prapat or Big Fall makes a perfect site for a day picnic amidst nature. The waterfall looks like a splendid silver streak and makes a gorgeous site to behold

Bee Fall
Bee Fall is another popular waterfall here which is also a source of drinking water for the locals. Travellers can enjoy a trek from Bee Fall to Prapaat Kund which lets them witness some raw facades of nature.

Pandav Caves
Pandav Caves are historic five rock-cut temples. History of these caves goes back to 1st Century AD. It is believed that the Buddhist monks used to reside here once. Simple outlook of these caves catches the fancy of all. One of the caves here echo and one has been dedicated to Buddhist god of wealth, Kubera.

Bada Mahadev
Bada Mahadev is located around 10 kms away from Pachmarhi. The temple is dedicated to Shiva and rests in a 60 m long cave. It is said that this is the place where Lord Vishnu killed the demon Bhasmasur by taking form of Mohini. This is the oldest temple of Pachmarhi and catches the attention of all.

Chauragarh Temple sits at a height of 1330 m and can be accessed by taking a 3.6 kms trek.  Those who do not want to trek can climb1000+ steps to reach the temple top. Views from the top look awe-inspiring and it remains a great place for the seekers of spirituality and serenity.   

How to Reach

By Air: The nearest airport is in Bhopal.

By Rail: Pipariya railway station is the nearest railway station.

By Road: Regular bus services are available to reach here from Bhopal, Indore, etc.


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