Gadiya Mountain

Situated in the Kanker district of Chhattisgarh, the Gadiya Mountain is the highest mountain in Kanker. It is a natural fort and was once declared as the capital by King Dharma Dev of the Kandra dynasty. Also known as Kila Dongri, flowing beneath the Gadiya Mountain is the Doodh River. On the occasion of Mahashivaratri a major festival is conducted here, during which thousands of devotees assemble.


The Gadiya Mountains are well known for a tank that never dries up. The tank does not dry up even in the hot summers, and the two parts of the tank are named after the two daughters of the king Dharma Dev, Sonai and Rupai. The southern part of the tank has a cave that is known as Churi Pagar that was supposed to have been used by the king during any outer attacks.

Another interesting feature of the Mountain is that it has a Jogi Cave which is 50 meters in length and can accommodate around 500 people. According to popular myths, Saints used to live and meditate here during old times. The cave also possesses a small pond, and the water from this pond trails down into a spectacular waterfall.

The landscape of Kanker involves a beautiful view of hills, supporting natural forms like forests and waterfalls. The plains of the Mahansadi and Kotri are enclosed by the hills of Archian, Dharwar and Vidhayas. Its rich soil supports a variety of lush flora like teak, sal and other medicinal herbs.

One of the most eminent festivals celebrated here at the Gadiya Mountain is the Mahashivratri. Thousands of devotees visit the mountain during the festival.

How to reach Gadiya Mountains
Located at a short distance from Kanker city is the Gadiya Mountain which can be reached by availing non-metered autos, cabs and local bus services offered by CSRTC from all parts of Kanker.


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