Bhimbetka Tourism

Bhimbetka is a precious UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Raisen district in Madhya Pradesh. People know this place for its historical caves flaunting unmatched rock paintings.  History of these caves goes back to approximately 30,000 years. Here you will find the finest prehistoric specimens of cave paintings in South Asia. Here you will see over 700 rock shelters which remain a fantasy of every camera person.

V. S. Wakankar was the first archaeologist who visited here and discovered this prehistoric site. He realised that these formations had similarity with those he saw in Spain and France. He brought his team here and reported several prehistoric rock shelters in the year1957. It was during 1970s when the real significance of these caves came into the limelight. Since then, over 750 rock shelters have been reported here out of which 243 are under Bhimbetka groups whereas 178 shelters are part of the Lakha Juar group. 

Ancient Caves
Visit here and get steeped into the beautiful mix of Colour paintings showcasing animals like bisons, wild boars and tigers here. Painting of peacock in diverse colours never fails to catch the attention of all. The raw beauty of these caves captivates the attention of every architecture lover. A holiday to Bhimbetka lets you peek into the history of this place which will surely make your jaw drop out of fascination. The Auditorium cave remains the most significant cave here nestling with quartzite towers. This is the largest shelter at Bhimbetka adorned with Gothic arches and rising spaces.

Rock art and paintings of Bhimbetka are remarkable. Colours used in these caves are vegetable colours which still look as good as new. These paintings can be classified under seven different periods, having their own representations.

How to Reach

By Air: The nearest Airport to Bhimbetka is Bhopal well connected with all major Indian cities.

By Rail: Bhopal junction railway station is the nearest railway station to the site

By Road: Bhimbetka can be easily reached by taking a bus or taxi service.


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