Orchha Tourism

The historical treasure trove of Orchha evokes images of imposing palaces, intricately carved temples and outstanding forts. People visit here to explore its historical wonders which remain a treat for every photographer. Orchha stands in northern part of Madhya Pradesh. Its history talks about the local Bundela rulers. Visit here and get awe struck by sheer splendour and grandeur of the havelis dotted here.

Jehangir Mahal
Jehangir Mahal looks like a dream from the past. It was raised as a garrison and citadel for the Mughal rulers. Its construction work was completed in 1598 with domes raised as per Timurid customs and life size gates.

Raja Mahal
Raja Mahal belongs to the 17th century. The Mahal still stands high maintaining its age old grandeur. It features an impeccable architecture and has been home to country’s most eminent royalty for years. Visit here and explore its wonderful towers and spectacular murals.

Ram Raja Temple
Ram Raja Temple has historical tales associated with it. It is believed that the idols installed here were meant to be installed in the Chaturbhuj Temple. But as the idols were placed on the grounds of Ram Raja Temple, they could not be budged. Thus, devotees raised a temple at this place. The temple features a serene aura with beautiful architecture.

Phool Bagh
This is a huge garden complex showcasing the artistic qualities of the Bundelas. Here you will find numerous fountains in an 8-pillared palace pavilion. These fountains work in a beautiful manner which is a worth exploring site. In the past, the garden was a summer retreat for the kings of Orchha.

Chaturbhuj Temple
This 16th-century temple features stunning soaring spires which can be seen even from a distance. Though this temple was raised to install idols which are kept in the Ram Raja Temple, it was never used for the same.

How to Reach

By Air: The nearest airport to Orchha is in Gwalior, around 140 km away.

By Rail: Jhansi railway station is the nearest railway station at a convenient distance of 18 km.

By Road: Nearest bus stand to the town is Jhansi around 16 km away.


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