Bailadila Mountains

Situated in Chhattisgarh, the Bailadila Mountains is famous all over the world for its iron metal mines. Rich with deposits of iron ore, Bailadila Mountain range consists of 14 reserves with 3 under mining. Bacheli and Kirandul are the two industrial zones in this area. The range has been named so because of its resemblance to oxen humps.

About Bailadila
Known for having rich deposits of iron ore, the Bailadila Mountains lets you enjoy the greenery of the place amidst the heavenly climate. There are 14 reserves identified in the mountains, but out of them only 3 are in working condition. This place is rich in mineral ores and has been converted into an industrial site.

Bailadila, which is an industrial area, is divided into two towns – Bacheli and Kirandul. The peak is also a place that offers views of lush forests and beautiful landscapes. The iron ore mines are also situated here. One more attraction of this place is the Kailash Nagar, which has deposits of Blue Dust, a blue coloured iron ore. From Dantewada, the tourists can easily reach the place through private taxis and buses.

The Bailadila Mountain Ranges have different pinnacles taking after the mound of a bull and are called the ‘Baila Dila’ in the neighbourhood dialect. On the highest pinnacle of this mountain is the Aakash Nagar, where the iron mineral mines are arranged. Vacationers can reach this place by transports and in addition private cabs that are accessible from Dantewada.

By Air - Nearest Airport is Raipur having regular flights from all major cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Indore etc.
By Train - The nearest railway station is Raipur which is connected with almost all major railheads in India.
By Road - Dantewada is connected with Jagadalpur, the nearest town, by State Highway 9.Private Luxury Bus runs regular bus services from all the big cities of Chatthisgarh – Raipur, Bilaspur, Durg, Rajnandgaon – to Bailadila, and these go via Dantewada.


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